Wax Fresh
The ultimate destination for revolutionising the way you care for your surfboard! If you’ve ever experienced the challenge of removing old wax, you’re in for a game-changing solution. Thanks to two surfers from Australia, Gareth and Dyl, the struggle is now virtually over.

Introducing Wax Fresh
The first of its kind, an ergonomically designed, recycled plastic scraper that’s set to transform your surfboard maintenance routine. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional wax combs and welcome the ease, speed, and effectiveness that Wax Fresh brings to the table.

Unlike anything before it, Wax Fresh wax scraper is a multidirectional tool that fits comfortably in your hand. Its sharp edge runs all the way around, allowing you to move it in any direction, making the wax removal process a breeze. Whether it’s up and down, long strokes, or circular motions, your Wax Fresh is designed for versatility and efficiency. You will soon find your preferred method.

Crafted with the surfer in mind, this tool not only delivers unparalleled functionality but also feels just right in your hand. Embrace the comfort of a well-designed surfboard maintenance tool that enhances your overall surfing experience.

Bid farewell to the struggles of old wax removal and welcome the fresh, new approach with Wax Fresh. Get ready to elevate your surfboard care routine and enjoy the freedom of a board that’s prepped and ready for your next epic ride.

Experience the difference with Wax Fresh
where ease meets effectiveness for surfers, by surfers. Let the journey to a better surfboard maintenance routine begin!